A better way to work together

What we are solving
30% of the product data that drives modern fast-moving consumer goods is incorrect

Data is repeatedly re-entered as it flows along the supply chain, causing long delays and errors.

What we do
Resonance provides a secure space for data sharing, creating a better way to work together

We digitally connect our customers’ physical supply chains from resource to retail.

Who we are
We are experts in digital transformation and deep technology

We have worked with businesses across the end-to-end supply chain to gain a deep understanding of how to unlock data sharing.

Our pitch to supply chains


Resonance addresses a critical issue, namely how to bring together data from across our value chains. This data is vital to deliver customer focused digital solutions while creating more sustainable business models for the future.’
Olaf Koch
‘A new economic world order is emerging and global supply chains will dramatically transform over the next 10 years. Resonance is creating the digital infrastructure upon which this new economy will be built.’
Mike Rees
Former Deputy CEO, Standard Chartered
Resonance is providing the secure, private and objective solution for data sharing across the value chain. Digitally connecting the chain will create the market forces that will drive profitability and sustainability for all.’
Nandu Nandkishore
Former EVP (CEO) Asia Africa Oceania, Nestlé

Company history

Resonance started its journey deep in supply chains, working with SMEs and farmer collectives in developing economies and those rare pioneers that have managed to connect the end-to-end supply chain despite all the challenges. They have clearly demonstrated the enormous efficiencies that can be gained through coordinating the supply chain, and have proven that it is possible to align the incentives of all the participants, delivering real value to each one.

Combined with this experience is our team’s background in the digital transformation of complex organisations, the practical application of deep technologies, and market leading analysis of the Environmental, Social and Governance risks that supply chains pose to businesses. We know that while technology is essential to opening up data sharing in global supply chains, it is as much a human-centred design problem as it is a technological one. This is why our solution is different.

Unlocking data sharing in supply chains is one of the most pressing problems in the global economy. For businesses, supply chains pose a huge risk as consumers and regulators are holding them to account for problems they have no direct control over, including some of the most urgent environmental and social problems we face today. The only way to solve these problems is through the digitisation of supply chains and the creation of a competitive advantage for all those involved in an interconnected supply chain.

Resonance was created to solve this problem and use the power and creativity of the free market to tackle the biggest problems we face, creating a truly digital economy.

Key facts

  • Resonance was founded in London in 2015
  • 74% of businesses in global supply chains have no more technology than a spreadsheet.
  • Up to 93% of the environmental and social impact of a brand happens in their supply chain.
  • The average product catalogue for a major retailer has 50,000 products, each with 100 product attributes. 30% of this product data is estimated to be incorrect.

Contact details

If you have any questions, or would like to arrange a chat with us, please contact us.

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