Accurate product data, on-demand

Getting timely, accurate, and complete data from your end-to-end value chain is a huge challenge with modern, dynamic sourcing. Resonance gives you the data you need, from resource to retail.

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Over 30% of product data in product catalogs is wrong, with each error costing over $60 to fix. Eliminate repeated phone calls, expensive EDI integration, and error-prone spreadsheets with Resonance. We give you live product data from the end-to-end chain directly into your systems, reducing the cost of errors, and allowing you to sell more, faster.

Benefits for retailers

Always up-to-date

No more repeated phone calls to suppliers asking for the latest data. Our integrations bring you live data directly into your PIM, ERP, or other systems.

Data direct from the source

Get data directly from the businesses that generate it. Eliminate the delays and errors caused by manual re-entry, and align the interests of everyone around data accuracy.

Complete and connected

74% of supply chain businesses use nothing more than a spreadsheet to run their operations. Our platform makes it easy for tailored apps to be deployed across the chain for more complete data.

Benefits for manufacturers

Customer questions without hassle

Spend less time finding out who knows the answer to your customer's question. Give retailers the data they need to sell your products with speed and accuracy.

Confidence in your data

Achieve product data traceability across your physical supply chain. Know the provenance of each claim, and build trust between you and consumers.

Bridge business unit silos

Master your internal supply chain and connect your IT estate, increasing your agility and reducing the time needed to make critical decisions.

End-to-end data

Our unique value chain communications infrastructure gives you a better way to work together with your entire chain, from resource to retail. You can receive information from anyone at any time, while remaining completely in control of what you share.

Protected and trusted

Our innovative ledger technology and chain of information custody gives you access to trusted data while letting you keep your commercial relationships private from others. Using tried and tested ideas in cryptography, all your information stays confidential and within your control.

Evolves with you

We use an open and extensible data model. By allowing everyone to bring any relevant data into a safe space, Resonance gives you a more agile, resilient, and collaborative value chain.

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